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Women Reveal What Things Men Write On Their Tinder Profiles That Are Instant Deal-Breakers

Women on Reddit have compiled a list of major turnoffs when it comes to men’s dating profiles.

From profile photos containing a lot of muscle-flexing to using WAY too many emojis, here are 15 things to should avoid at all costs.

1. Too Good For Tinder

“Anything that insinuates you’re too good to be on [insert dating site here]. If you were really too good for Tinder, you wouldn’t be on Tinder.” –airfrommylungs

You may not be too good for Tinder, but we are definitely too good for you.

“If I see ‘I can be your redneck Romeo’ one more time….” – RNtUGlad

Redneck Romeo? Gross. Who started this phrase? I’d like to find them and erase them from this planet.

3. Your Username Already Ruined It

“Have usernames like ‘bigdick34’ or ‘likestolick’” – BECKYISHERE

If your name is ‘bigdick” anything you definitely have a small one. We know how this works.

“Complaining about exes on the profile is a big deal breaker for me.” – rhapsodytwelve

Guys, we don’t want to hear about your ex. Ever. Ever. Ever. I repeat. Ever.

5. Don’t Complain About Women To Women

“I’ve read stuff like ‘women on [dating site] are shallow anyway!’ Or when they message you like, ‘you probably won’t read this anyway, women never do.’” – cmc

Women act a certain way towards you for a reason. Stop being a creep.