Our country’s veterans have given up so much for us. They give up their homes, their families, their comfort, and their safety to fight for us and protect us so we can enjoy our freedom and feel safe at night.

While veterans do get some benefits, those small discounts and perks are nothing compared to what they have given.
Some people, though, have a hard time understanding just what these veterans have done for them.
Such was the case when one young veteran stepped up to the counter of a fast food restaurant to order a meal. After ordering he asked if they offered a military discount. He definitely wasn’t expecting the response he received.
A woman standing behind him in line told him he was being rude to ask for the discount. She said he was acting entitled to ask for “special privileges” because he was in the military.
Though I’m sure the young soldier was stunned at first, he quickly shut her up with what he did next.