Woman Shares Story Of Having Her Photo Taken While At The Gym

4.The Gym Story

When she went to the gym to shed those extra kilos off her body, she had to face the humiliation of other girls who were there! They snapchatted her pictures to their friends and often make insta stories by capturing her secretly!

So, despite having all the rights of getting offended, she chose more polite and graceful way out! She tagged those girls in her facebook post and wrote her story!

Keep reading to check what she wrote!

5.The Perfect Retaliation

This woman took to social media to express her views out in open! It is so shameful that we ourselves are becoming the perpetrators of the patriarchal setup which decides the size of the ideal woman!

People fail to understand and acknowledge the problems! They just negate and get away with their judgments failing to understand and being considerate! This woman had a perfect answer to all of them!