What would you do if you spotted a sick, injured, or otherwise helpless animal? We’d all like to think that we’d do the right thing, but sometimes fear or concern for our own safety makes us take pause. For some kindhearted individuals, however, that protective instinct comes without hesitation.

California resident Sharon Bertozzi falls into that category. When she saw a scared, sick dog on her front porch, she immediately sprung into action. That alone would have been special enough, but she was in for quite a surprise!

This story starts with a California resident named Sharon finding what she believed to be a homeless dog on her front porch. The animal was cowering behind a ceramic vase at first and while she could not initially tell that it was a dog, she thought that she had correctly assumed its species.

From there, she was able to coax the dog into a cage and contact the local animal shelter. It was easy to see that the dog was in need of help and when a Folsom animal services group arrived on the scene to provide assistance, Sharon and the workers collectively came to an amazing discovery.