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Woman Decides to Catch Some Sun. That’s When She Notices The Odd Shape of Her Belly

Imgur user blondbombshell, who was four months pregnant at the time, was catching some rays when she noticed something odd going on with her belly.

It’s very, clearly, slanting in one direction…

In a what to forum, a concerned mom asked if others were experiencing an “uneven tummy.”

Turns out, it’s not such an unusual thing…

My tends to favor the left side most of the time. My last son was the same way (had one side he favored and poked our more on but I can’t remember which side it was). It was like that until I got much bigger.

Last pregnancy my belly was bigger on the right side. Already at 17 weeks I can tell that my belly is larger on the right. Thank you DD for stretching my poor muscles.

My left upper abdomen was the first sign of my baby bump. Ultrasound shows it’s baby B’s head baby A likes to hang out with it’s head down snuggled into my bladder. 19 weeks now and I can still feel B’s head poking out. Big belly now though!

Well for me, my baby bump gets totally one sided when my bladder is the tiniest bit full. But with me, its all on my left side. Its so funny to me though! Im like- whoa- there’s the baby! Guess I better go use the restroom AGAIN!

A doctor has been contacted to explain the matter, but has yet to respond.

In the meantime, have you seen this before?