Wife ‘hacks off cheating husband’s penis before cooking it in pan of noodles’

These images show a man after he reportedly had his penis chopped off by his wife

A man was left writhing in agony after his wife allegedly hacked off his penis and then cooked it in a pan of noodles.

The highly disturbing images, which many people are convinced are part of a stomach-churning hoax, show a man lying on a bed covered in blood.

The images have not been verified as real.

They were posted by the website Prolific Skins who said: “An aggrieved wife has taken the adage ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ to another level.

“According to the tweet the wife caught her husband sleeping with the house help and she sliced off his male member, cooked it with noodles and shared the photo on Snapchat.

“I don’t want to believe this story is true – see the graphic photos after the cut and tell us if you think it’s real or a hoax.”

On another site, one reader demands: “You should go to prison for good.”

This disturbing case comes after another woman killed her “cheating husband” using a frying pan and kitchen knife before chopping off his penis, it is alleged.

She is alleged to have put a piece of his penis in his hand after cutting it off and telling his corpse he was better off without it.

Lawyer Udeme Otike-Odibi, 47, is accused of murdering 50-year-old Sym while preparing to travel to the UK from Lekki, Nigeria.

Otike-Odibi, who is said to have dual British nationality, is alleged to have said: “If your penis is the one that is giving you licence to have the feeling of another person, it’s better we cut it off.”

She allegedly knifed to death her husband, also a lawyer, at their home last May, homicide police chief Olusegun Bamidele told her trial.

Otike-Odibi, who is also charged with mutilating Sym’s corpse, is being held in jail after pleading not guilty.