When This Guy Spotted Mysterious Circles On His Wall, He Realized His Home Was Hiding A Secret

Someday in 2011 a YouTube consumer who calls himself “cyrex686” determined to a drill a gap within the wall of the storage unit he apparently referred to as residence. “I, er, observed that there have been this stuff down right here… round, no matter,” he stated, indicating the place he had discovered two unusual-wanting patches on the wall.

He had hammered on one of them, he said, and it had sounded hollow. So he drilled a hole in it and found that it was made of wood. In fact, the circular patch was just a wooden plug, and it popped right out of place.

“I thought it was just like two big pipes here, but it’s not,” cyrex686 explained, indicating the exposed circular hole. “It actually turns out that entirely behind this wall here is another like secret passage or something. Which I think I can enter through this hole I’ve started up here.”

The building, explained cyrex686, was a century-old industrial property that had been converted into numerous smaller units. And as for the hidden compartment, he said, “Our best guess is it was sealed off in the 1980s.” Shining a light inside didn’t reveal much, either, so it was time to open it up.

Of course, it wasn’t really cyrex686’s wall to knock a hole in, but he did it anyway. And why did he do so? Well, he never really explained, but sometimes curiosity has to be obeyed. So cyrex686 and his buddies managed to pop out the large circular plug and peek inside…

On the other side of the wall was a room. Its discovery prompted YouTube commenters to speculate about its function, who may have built it, what it might have been used for and what – with a little imagination – might be done with it now. Their comments were by turns plausible and outrageous.

For example, the most popular comment was contributed by CrafterBox. “You should put a painting over the big whole [sic],” he wrote. “You would be unbeatable at hide and seek.” And it seems true, in theory at least: it would likely be some time before anyone would even consider looking for you behind a painting.