What Does The Alton Sterling Video Show? If You Don’t Want To Watch, Here’s What Happened

Have you heard the name Alton Sterling yet? The latest in a long line of fatal police shooting victims, Sterling, who was black, was slain by a white officer Tuesday in an encounter that was captured on video. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana, officers involved reportedly said that they felt deadly force was justified in the altercation. You only need to see it to understand why it’s sparked such an uproar. But maybe you don’t want to watch it, grisly and harrowing as it is, but still want to know what’s on the Alton Sterling video.

Although now, it’s not just the Alton Sterling video, but videos, plural. On Wednesday, after Sterling’s death had already seized the national consciousness, a second video of the shooting was revealed, and it’s much clearer (and undeniably more graphic and stomach-turning) than the first. While the original video was shot from within a car close to Sterling and the officers, and the camera turns away at the moment of the gunfire, this new angle is mere feet away from the altercation, and little is left to the imagination.

You won’t have to worry about seeing either of them here — that’s the whole point of this, to provide context and clarity about what happened without bombarding you with violent, traumatic imagery. But it must be said that both are upsetting in the extreme, in the event you do decide to watch.

1.’Black Lives Matter’

Regrettably, Alton was shot dead for being black american. 6 out of 10 black Americans are mistreated by the cops. People are getting on streets protesting for the ill treatment.

Condolence for the family, and may the innocent soul rest in peace.

2.Tragic Coincidence.

Unfortunately, Alton’s terrifying incident was found similar to yet another victim, Eric Garner, who was tossed and turned to the ground ad shot by the cops, outside of a store in Staten Island, New York.

3.His Past Records.

The victim holds a criminal record and which, most likely, be used by the defenders to find a clean escape.

Another folk posted on twitter, “@CornellWBrooks @juliacraven maybe it’s complicated for you to understand why criminals should be stopped. Race baiter”

4.They Would Never Be Held Guilty.

No matter how many encounters the police people practice, they would never be claimed remorseful.

Samuel Sinyangwe posted on his twitter account, “Of 4,054 people killed by police since 2013, only 6 cases have led to convictions of officers involved.”

5.He Has Their Back.

What the cops did to Sterling tormented many hearts and out of agony, they all ran to the roads asking for justice for him.

Keep reading to know how others have reacted to this.

6.Alton’s Mode Of Protection.

In one of the interview, Muflahi had disclosed that Alton carried gun for protection after one of his, who even sold CDs was robbed.