Watch As This Python Slowly Eats An Alligator

If you get grossed out easily or are generally just a squirmy type of person, this video will probably freak you out. The video, which is actually time lapsed in speed by six times, shows a gigantic python eating an alligator whole. The video starts with the python holding the alligator in its coils in what almost looks like a loving embrace, but it slowly starts to devour the unsuspecting alligator, swallowing it whole.

 Pythons are nonvenomous snakes typically found in Africa, Asia and Australia. They are some of the largest snakes in the world and, contrary to popular belief, these snakes are nonvenomous.

1.The Video

As the python washes down the croc, it expands itself to let the food go in quite firmly while victim still kept trying to get away from this trap. Sadly, the python succeeds.

So now that the big fat live filled in, the python must not have a stomach for yet another life for like a month.

Watch the full attacking and striving video below.

2.The Showdown.

The python, moving quietly towards the croc, who had minimal awareness what his life was about to surprise him with. Within fractions of seconds, the starving giant got hold of its quarry, coiling and wrapping up the body around it to knock him dead in no time.

3.The Hungry Giant.

Pythons are among the enormously giant snake family, commonly seen at warm places. These gigantic reptiles are well capable to gobble down large prey at a go. Yet another deadly and creepiest reptile, crocodiles, spares no lives when his stomach gets hunger pangs.

But have you ever wondered what it would be like when the two thugs come face to face ? Do you wanna see the conflict between the one who strives for his life while the other wants to over come his hunger ?

Scroll down to know what happens to them.