Using Glow Sticks, She Makes This Awesome DIY Nightlight For Her Kid’s Room – They Love This!

If there’s one thing that my children love playing with, it’s glow sticks. Something about a bright neon light that only lasts for a short period of time fascinates them. I’ll admit, they sure seem to keep my children preoccupied for quite a while!

Because of my children’s love for glow sticks, I’ve been looking for a way to make something special for them using glow sticks. When I stumbled upon this DIY project, I knew I had found just that.

You just need a clear mason jar or bottle, making sure that it’s nice and clean, and a little time. You’ll also want to be sure to grab a nice variety of colors of glow sticks. The more the better! You can fill a whole shelf with a beautiful galaxy of glowing jars.

Be sure to wear gloves while handling the chemicals.

Carefully cut into the sticks.

Pour the liquid inside each glow stick into your mason jar or bottle.

Make sure the liquid is spread throughout the sides of the mason jar or bottle.

You want to make sure the sides are good and coated.

Allow them to sit outside or in an open area to dry.

Then wait for lights out to see them light up!

The gorgeous effect will brighten any room.

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