Celebrities get glammed up for red carpet events, but in their downtime, they prefer to let their natural “beauty” take center stage. They are often caught without a stitch of makeup, and while some actually look better without warpaint on, others are completely unrecognizable without it. Here’s the list of celebrities without makeup who will make you feel better about yourself.

1.Demi Lovato.

The 22 year old young singer is an eye candy for every fan of hers and is loved by all of them. She looks cute and pretty! While she wears no makeup, her natural features are visible which are inclusive of fresh looking clear skin along with cute freckles appearing on her face.

2.Anne Hathway.

Anne Hathaway doesn’t need a lot of makeup to leave the house! She looks beautiful anyways.

3.Julia Bowen.

Even without a make-up she looks so perfect!

4.Hilary Duff.

Hilary Duff Glows Without Makeup. She is undoubtedly a natural beauty!

5.Sharon Stone.

The fresh-faced star is almost unrecognizable in the make-up free image, but looks as radiant as ever as she smiles at the camera.

6.Faith Hill.

Looking fine in her blond hair, faith hill is a personified beauty on screen, but the true question arises whether this beauty indeed is an angel off camera or is her beauty only limited to the prominent professional make-up. You decide.