Trailer Park Art


I wasn’t much of an art lover in my younger years. Never found much value in pictures of dogs playing poker or nearly naked women on calendars issued by the local wrecker company.

At the trailer park, tattoos like this one were greatly admired as high art and hilarious:

In her efforts to civilize me, the Old Woman turned me on to real art. She’s a great art lover. For me, I think that Picasso and Dali dudes are a load of crap but I do like some of the stuff she admires so much. It’s real pretty. That Van Gogh painted some real pretty pictures but I don’t know why he whacked off his ear. Are all artists nuts? Wading through the bios of some of them it looks like a lot were squirrelly or dope users. Now I do like that Michaelangelo’s statues and paintings. I think he was a genius.

10. Music: Mostly I like the old fashioned honkytonking country and western music. Belly rubbing music. I like some contemporary music but I never learned to like those damned operas Old Woman and Granny Ann likes. Her last husband was an a$hat but I had to agree with him on one thing. Why can’t the actors simply speak their lines instead of catterwalling it? And do it in English? I did learn to like the ballet, though. It is really pretty and graceful.

All righty now, The Future Was Yesterday. Is that enough random stuff on me or too much? If it’s too much, too bad. It’s already posted. Not as good as yours but…’s all mine.

You are an all right dude.