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This Woman Built a Cat Ladder to Welcome Cats When It’s Raining

Winter in Turkey this year has been colder than normal with a wave of arctic conditions sweeping across the country in early January which is what prompted a resident in the town of Tekirdagebnem, Sebnem Ilhan, to do something for the local stray cats that had no protection from the freezing conditions and what she came up with was pretty brilliant – a cat ladder that leads into her home.

Ilhan works as a dentist in her local town and after seeing the stray cats suffer from the harsh winter weather she decided to turn her home into a refuge for them. “I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house,” Ilhan told The Dodo and although the ladder is a huge hit with the cats Ilhan was unsure on how receptive the neighbours would be of her new ladder so decided to attach some ornaments to it. “I thought if I put some flower pots there, it wouldn’t bother anyone,” she said.

Fortunately however Ilhan has received nothing but positive feedback for her ‘cat ladder’ and of course her kind hearted attitude to offering these kitties as safe place to stay. Aside from the cat ladder invention Ilhan also offers her time at a local rescue centre for both cats and dogs adding that “I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy.”

This Turkish woman came up with an amazing solution to help the freezing stray cats in her city!

“I made the ladder so the cats can come into my comfortable house”!

She wasn’t quite sure how her neighbors would react to this addition, so Ilhan put some ornaments!

“But the reception has been overwhelmingly positive – especially among the countless kitties…”!

“Who have taken advantage of her offer of a warm place to rest”!

Building a ‘cat ladder’ is not the only way Ilhan has served fur-babies in need!

She also volunteers her time to care for stray dogs and felines at a local rescue!

“I wish no animal is hungry or thirsty, just happy,” she said. “This world is not just for people”