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1.The Video

Being poor and homeless not only means financial instability but it also makes a person socially weak and vulnerable.

Hence, it is our duty to be kind to the people who needs us. Administering their need and helping them is a truly honorable deed. Watch how this kid helps this poor man by offering him a pair of shoes so that he can walk comfortably.


They say Kids embody Gods, and this story perfectly stood by this saying. This young boy in a lavish car watches the old homeless man walking down the lane on his bare foot. He barely has anything to survive and he looks extremely tired.

He sees this man comforting his feet with a water bottle. Seeing this, the kid does something incredible to this old man which is inspiring to almost everyone watching this video..

3 The Kid And The Old Man

While some people have plentiful of resources with them, sometimes some people barely have enough resources to survive on their own. Since we are humans, it is our duty to be considerate and have solidarity amongst ourselves.

With innumerable stories showcasing the greed of human being, this one story about a homeless man will surely bring tears to your eyes. What this kid does for the old man is truly amazing..