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This Is The Creepiest Thing About You, According To Your Sign

We all have a little weirdness inside us. We’re not talking about the cute weird quirks you have, like insisting your food not touch one another or having your clothes arranged by color. No, we’re talking about the creepy weird stuff about us, the parts of our personalities and minds that we don’t want anyone to find out – ever. It’s the dark secrets inside us and the distasteful thoughts we can’t stop from running through our brains. Everyone’s a little weird and maybe everyone’s a little crazy, but how do you explain it when, most of the time, you’re pretty normal?

Looking at your zodiac could help you figure out why you are the way you are or why you think the way you do. At the very least, it gives you something to blame your weird behavior on! Are you a sign who enjoys stalking people, even though you know it’s creepy? Or are you a member of the zodiac who can’t help but imagine the grisly deaths of those around you – and how you might be the one to carry them out? Blame it on the stars, blame it on the zodiac, but these are the creepiest things about you according to your sign.