Cheating in today’s age of technology is the most stupid task one can ever do. Undermining your loved one when they know your Facebook secret key is ridiculously, super inept. Everybody in this rundown did the initial two imbecilic things, yet it’s truly astonishing what number of individuals put in the additional exertion to go full moronic. Ideally you’ll read this and will like yourself for being a respectable individual. You possibly will consider something imaginative to do to somebody who has wronged you. On the other hand, you may get truly blown and conclude that now’s a decent time to sever it with that washout as an afterthought and erase all of your writings, text, whats app and Facebook messages.

1.  Eenie Meenie Minie Mo


It is a clever and obviously the most hilarious way to break up.

2. Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe’s gross amount is just $500.

3. Precise mathematics

It only takes a second to properly read a text before sending. What an embarrassment is this.

4. Reference from movies

Isn’t it indeed a hilarious way to break up when it is the Hollywood style?

5. Price is all that matters

Recipient needs to be re-checked else the tables would turn.