Though it can sometimes be funny, it’s always sad watching an A-list celeb struggle with the idea of fame and fortune. Over the years a ton of different actors and actresses have reached the top only to plummet to the bottom. But the hardest part for the rich and famous has to be the fact that when they hit rock bottom, everyone is watching and judging. Remember back in the day when literally everything Lindsay Lohan did was front page news? The promising young star basically crumbled in the spotlight and everyone had an opinion about it. Well some recent photos of the former starlet have surfaced and indicate a possible change for the better.

These pictures show us what we’ve all been hoping for – Lindsey Lohan is back, and she’s hotter than ever…

1.She’s off drugs now.

Now that she is clean, she has clearly taking care of herself and the results are fantastic. She is making a comeback and we really hope to see the old Lindsay we all fell in love with.

2.This is how Lindsey looks today.

She looks amazing! She seems to be taking back control of her life, and appears to happy and sober.

3.Her beauty started to fade away.

Her appearance was troubling, and people began worrying about her health. She started looking like a old woman in her young ages.

This is what she looked like while she was struggling with addiction and numerous court cases.

4.Then this kept happening.

Just months after her first run in with the law, Lindsay was arrested again. This time she was caught in possession of many different narcotics. She even drank while wearing an alcohol monitoring system and showed up late to several court hearings.

She’d been to jail several times for possession of drugs, and charged with domestic assault after a heated battle with her own mother.

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