Earbuds, earphones, in-ear headphones — whatever you call them — are a necessary part of life. They make it possible to listen to your favorite music or podcasts literally everywhere, and more importantly, they make public transportation and the gym much more bearable.

How many times have you gone to work, sat at your desk and then looked in your bag for your phone ear buds only to find you’ve left them at home? So what do you do, do you purchase a cheap crap pair from the dollar store or do you borrow one from a colleague?? But!! Hold it right there, because sharing ear buds is a big No NO!!

If you’re a serial sharer of ear buds then you need to stop right now. Sharing ear buds cause infection so neither should you even share your ear buds with anyone.

1.Even if you are desperate

Regardless of how desperate you may be, even if it means going through your entire work day without ear buds, you just don’t share because it’s dangerous and what can happen is absolutely nasty. If you have left your ear buds at home, deal with it.

2.Your ear canal is a delicate area

And!! It is also prone to infection simply because you may not even know that there could be dust or dirt particles lodged inside until bacteria sets in and starts troubling you. Bacteria and fungus are common residents of your ear canal and you don’t want to irritate them further. Sharing ear buds means introducing new micro organisms into your ear canal.

3.Earbud sharing means sharing bacteria and junk too

Moreover not cleaning your ears can contribute to junk accumulating inside your ear. And if that turns hard, then you have a major problem. But besides that, your ear buds end up collecting all the bacteria from ears. As long as they are yours, it doesn’t matter much but when you give them to someone else or you use ear buds that belong to another, and then be prepared to get the gook that comes along with it.