The Government Is Making It Legal To Shoot Hibernating Bears And Wolves And Their Babies

Hunting practices have always been a divisive topic in the US and its impact on our wildlife has been contested heavily between the two parties that sit on either side of the fence. Agendas aside, what can be agreed upon is that the methods in which these killings are carried out make a huge difference and that certain laws exist to protect animals and ensure that the practice is not abused.

It seems as though mother bears hibernating with their cubs and wolves raising their pups in their dens might no longer be protected from hunters and their rifles.


Right now, the lives of an endless number of bear and wolf families are precariously hanging in the balance due to the fact that the U.S. House of Representatives just voted to overturn a ban that was put in place to end this cruel hunting tactic.

The ban was previously used to protect animals that live on some of the most treasured wildlife refuges in America.

If this resolution actually becomes the law, hunters will be allowed to go into dens where these vulnerable bear families are hibernating and kill them. The law will affect 76 million acres of federal refuges in Alaska.


If the Senate and the President agree with this unthinkable vote, hunters will also be able to shoot entire families of wolves that are just trying to raise their young pups.

“What the House did today should shock the conscience of every animal lover in America.” said Wayne Pacelle, the president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), on Thursday. “If the Senate and President concur, we’ll see wolf families killed in their dens, bears chased down by planes or suffering for hours in barbaric steel-jawed traps or snares.”