The movie had The Rock playing the unexpected dad of a little girl, played by Madison Pettis, in the 2007 family comedy.

Do you recollect the young lady who played The Rock’s little girl in the 2007 film, “The Game Plan”? We as a whole became hopelessly enamored with Madison Pettis, however not creepily. In any case, you will have a hard time believing exactly how much she’s changed in only ten short years.

Pettis went from charming and cute to a cracking stunner, and even The Rock would experience serious difficulties her in the event that they kept running into each other in the city. In any case, not exclusively is she becoming showbiz royalty as an on-screen character and a model, but on the other hand she’s dating huge as well. Gracious, how they grow up so quick!

Madison Pettis is a rare talent who made a career through acting and singing at a young age.

It all started when she got offers for commercial modeling when she was just five years old, and it was a meteoric rise to stardom from that point on.

Of course, we all remember her from her role in the Disney movie “The Game Plan.”

It was her first major movie role, and she was happier than a kid at Disney. To add icing to cake, she got to play the role of The Rock’s long-lost daughter. How cool is that?

It seemed like the on-screen father and daughter duo were the perfect match.

But while the film wasn’t exactly an Academy Award winner, her performance was widely appreciated by critics, and soon enough, she started getting more offers in movies.

It’s hard to imagine that in just a few short years, that little girl would turn into a sexy model.

Aside from movie deals, she also got some major modeling offers to promote products like “Love Pastry” alongside some major celebs like Cody Simpson.

Madison has also appeared in several commercials and fashion shows too.

But if her curves don’t impress you, then maybe her voice will. That’s right! She not only wows our eyes, but also our ears as a voice actress.

As a model and an actress, Madison knows how useful staying in shape can be.

But so is social media exposure, so she uses both to show off her curvy body and some impressive abs that many of us wish we had.