The 8 Funniest Pick-Up Lines on Tinder

1.Those tomatoes.

What a waste of a romantic night.


What a genius boyfriend. Does your boyfriend also takes you out at midnight? Well, he’s not being romantic.

Mind you! You could share with us any of the pickup lines that you might have encountered in the comments below.

3.Only, your eyes.

What if your guy asks you the same thing? You can reply by saying this but hey, its romantic too. So, you can’t be humorous every time.

4.So on point.

So, what if your guy asks about this someday? Now you know how to reply.

We might have just given you ideas and hints as to how to reply to your guy and about what you guy just might reply to you.

5.The intelligent man.

Generally, pick-up lines tend to bring in laughter and not disappointment.

This pick-up line used by a man is so on point that even you would want to use it.