We have all had a family photo, but these families take it to a whole other level of awkward, to the point they become hilarious.

1.Birthday party?

It is just a ridiculous theme or really there is a birthday party?
Also they don’t look like in a mood to celebrate.

2.One above other.

When you run out of all the creative poses, you do such weird poses.

3.They just love bananas.

They all love it so much that they decided to pose with it.

4.They all look creepy.

It looks like he was trying to tell something to the photographer and the photographer accidentally clicked it.

5.What an idea!

When you realize that daddy was also a part of a family.

6.Grandma with the babies.

This family is so big that they don’t even fit in this picture frame. May be they should try the panorama view.