No matter how old you get, your dad is bound to have a joke. And let’s face it, as much as you roll your eyes, deep down you know they’re pretty darn good. From always having the best response to impossible questions (“How many apples grow on a tree?” “All of them.”) to effortlessly being able to turn anything dirty in the worst possible way, dads have a unique talent when it comes to the jokes department. When you need a laugh, Reddit users shared their best dad jokes. Here’s hoping it runs in the family!

1. The kind of joke that makes you hate yourself for finding it funny.

2. That’ll teach you to be more grammatically precise

3. You can’t deny that this is actually so clever

4. He/She didn’t give him enough credit for it

5. Oooooh it took me a while to get it

6. Omg this is hilarious