If you’re anything like the rest of us, bugs are not a welcome guest at your home or anywhere on your property for that matter. No one wants bugs hanging out at their home and making themselves comfortable, so when we see an infestation, it is usually cause for alarm. This Houston resident named Mandy recently went through just such an occurrence and our heart definitely goes out to her.

Mandy found a crew of bugs who had decided to set up camp by her home and while these bugs may have looked like blueberries, their presence is far from enjoyable. Since she had never seen anything quite like these bugs in the past, she decided that she would take a video of them in order to find out more about their origin and why they chose her home.

Once she posted the clip on her YouTube page, she began to receive more answers. The round bugs seemed like ants to some of the viewers, as they move in the same coordinated manner that ants are known for. Meanwhile, there are others who believe that the bugs are actually ticks. The oddest thing of all about these bugs is the way that they stop moving before they start back up again.

Those who have the stomach to watch bugs in action will find themselves transfixed and those who loathe the presence of bugs will find themselves wondering why Mandy didn’t immediately grab a can of Raid. If it were up to us, all of the bugs on the planet would be permanently eradicated forever. But sadly, this is not the world that we actually live in.

In the meantime, that means we have to deal with bugs like these on an all too regular basis. What type of bugs do you think these are? While they may be ants or ticks, there are also those who believe that they may be southern stink bugs or even kudzu bugs. No one has been able to successfully identify these bugs as of yet and if you would like to get to the bottom of this mystery? Be sure to check this interesting clip.

We must admit that we have never seen bugs quite like these before and we certainly hope that we never see bugs like these ones ever again. To find out more, take a moment to have a closer look at the clip below…..