This beautiful portrait of an elderly naked couple embracing each other has recently gone viral as people around the world share their heartwarming testament to love. Despite all of the horrors that have taken place in recent weeks, there is still good to cling to in life. And, it might be argued, one of the most powerful and meaningful blessings in life is love.

1.20 Years Of Love

This couple has been together for more than 20 years now and you can very evidently see that. Isn’t this amazing?

2.The Emotional Letter

After the photos got published online, the couple was so happy and mesmerized by the pictures that they wrote a letter to the photographer saying that they are extremely happy with the final work.

Gerry wrote, “I didn’t think I could EVER be happy or certainly ever enjoy a love like this”. She continued, “And body-shame was a HUGE part of that. I won’t say it’s gone altogether, but I am at home in my body now, and I like myself in the body I’m in. I actually smile at myself in the mirror. We wanted to show that wrinkles and aging, sagging body parts are NOT barriers to love unless you let them be. Like fine wine or good cheese, we are more fully ourselves and more full of Love in our 70’s than we ever were in our 30’s and 40’s.”

Brilliant, isn’t it?

3.This Portrait

The couple that you can see in the picture is Gerry and Darwin, Gerry is 75 whereas Darwin is 70. Both of them are looking stunning with each other.

Their portraits are stunningly vulnerable and intimate, and reflect their overall ease with themselves. This is beautiful.