Gardening can be a therapeutic way to relieve stress, achieve some quality alone time, and bask in the beauty of nature. A backyard garden can add character and beauty to your home, while you reap the benefits of your hard work with natural and delicious foods and herbs to enjoy.

There are gardening enthusiasts, and there are those who don’t exactly have a green thumb, but they would love to see a garden in their yard. If you identify with the latter, but you shy away from gardening from fear that your plants might not grow healthy and strong, these tips and tricks were made for you! Use these clever gardening hacks to ensure a beautiful and successful garden.

1. Grids with muffin tins

It is important to space out the seeds in the grid so that the garden is well organized. This grid can be made with the help of a muffin tin obtained directly from your kitchen. The muffin tin can be placed in the soil and then you can start planting your trees right there.

2. Spoon Garden Markers and bottle markers

If you have a spoon which is unused, then you can use it as an efficient garden tool. Flatten the tool with the edge of a hammer and paint the flattened tool with the help of different spray colors. These spoons can be used as labels or markers in your garden. If you are confused about which plant is where, these colorful labeled spoons would exactly show you the right address! You can use metal spoons as well as plastic spoons for this purpose. You may also have children playing in your garden and you would not like your plants to get stamped by them. Wine bottle markers are the best way to tell them that this is the limit. Stick the neck of wine bottles to mark your garden so that children cannot enter that zone.

3. Soda-can planters

Remove the lid of an empty soda-can first. Spray paint the entire soda can with a colorful paint and then fill the can with soil and then plant seeds in them. The soda container is the ideal container for planting small trees. For better options, make a hole at the bottom so that water is not retained. Watch your flowers and herb trees sprout in the colorful soda can. You can also decorate this can on your window sill for a decorative look.