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She Saw A Shirtless Boy In Window Of Abandoned Home, But What Police Find Inside Will Shock You

A Detroit woman was baffled when, on a cold and snowy day, she saw a shirtless boy in the window of an abandoned home. (scroll down for video)

As mysterious as the sighting was, nothing could prepare her, or even seasoned Detroit police officers, for the horror inside.

 1.Watch the video.

Just watch the video and have a look where the children are removed from the abandoned house.

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2.Now what?

The mother has yet not been taken into the custody, neither any sort of charges have been put on her but the father has been taken into custody.

A neighbor told one of the reporters of FOX 2, ” I have seen a little boy. I don’t know how old he was—maybe 5 or 6—in the window. He had no shirt on and I just know it was cold that day. I just said, ‘wow’, but I didn’t know. I haven’t seen nobody in a while.”<br.
The children are now free and reside in a peaceful atmosphere.

3.What else they found?

Local reporters from FOX 2 arrived to investigate the scene and also found a woman inside the house who might be, quite possibly, their mother.

The children were treated and sent to Child Protective Services.

What if there is an abandoned house in your neighborhood? You should go and probably check.

But what about the parents ? Go ahead…