This Woman Pours A Packet Of Kool-Aid In Her Toilet, The Results Will Blow You Away..

Cleaning the toilet is one of the ickiest chores around. Still, nobody is likely to neglect this particular task. After all, not cleaning the toilet is way ickier!

That’s why we’re huge fans of any DIY method that makes it a little bit easier — like this awesome trick that uses plain old Coca-Cola to get the job done. If it helps clear the scum out of the toilet bowl, we are more than ready to try it!

The latest tip making waves on the internet also owes its success to a popular beverage.

The blogger behind Anyone Can Decorate has put together an awesome post revealing the easy way to clean a toilet with just a 25 cent packet of powdered Kool-Aid.

Instead of cleaning the toilet with bottles of bleach, you can save the expensive and harsh scrubbing products for the really tough jobs. For minor touch-ups, Kool-Aid is all you need.

Scroll through to see how it’s done!

It’s the one chore I dread above all, cleaning the toilet.

I can handle the wee and the poo clean up relatively easily, even though I’d rather not. Honestly, for me, that’s not a problem.

What the problem is, is the hard water stains. These can really break a person’s spirit and their back.

I’ve used every cleaning product under the sun to try and solve this problem, but It’s still a battle to try and scrub those stains.

I simply thought nothing could make the job easier.

Little did I know that the answer to my prayers had been lurking in my kitchen pantry.

My savior was Kool-Aid.

I’ve heard of using Kool-Aid for cleaning my dishwasher before, but I had no idea that I’d be able to use it to clean my toilet too!

Before you ask, no it doesn’t have to be lemon flavored to work.

It’s the citrus ingredients inside the Kool-Aid that makes it work so well. So, orange or lemon Kool-Aid will do the job perfectly.