Secretaries Share Their Dirtiest Secrets

Secretaries have the dirt on…everyone

Thinking about secretaries instantly brings to mind the 1988 movie Working Girl with Melanie Griffith working as an assistant to Sigourney Weaver. If you haven’t seen the movie, Tess (Melanie) gives a hot business tip to her boss Katharine (Sigourney) who then refuses to give her any credit for the idea. Tess gets revenge by executing a huge deal with an investment broker, killing Katharine’s reputation. Oh, and she also steals Katharine’s boyfriend.  I never thought being a secretary could end up being such a cut throat business, but after watching that movie and reading these confessions, I’m beginning to think I need to watch out for secretaries. Have a look at what some of these people have to say about their jobs.

I’m stunned!


I feel sorry for the boss if it’s true!

2.The Correct Revenge

You’ll have to pay for all your sins!!

3.Stop sexualizing everything!

It’s like if a secretary orders a pizza, she’s doing something sexual!SO VERY WRONG!

4.Show some politeness

Man, you can be polite over the call! I’m not Google to know all your answers!


That’s being called bitchy and sassy secretary! The war of words is worth it!

6.The Naughty One

OMG! Her fantasies are real killer!