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Sarah McLachlan’s Duet Of “Arms Of The Angel” With Pink Left The Audience In Awe.

In this breathtaking duet, Sarah McLachlan and Pink’s voices become one and it’s giving the Internet goosebumps. The two incredible songstresses balance each other out amazingly while singing Sarah’s hit song, “In The Arms Of The Angel.” Their powerful performance turned into an instant classic and it’s easy to understand why!

This beautiful and unlikely duet is giving the internet goosebumps.

Nobody expected Sarah McLachlan and Pink’s voices to come together in such a sensationally haunting way.

These two incredible songstresses delicately balance each other’s vocal tones while singing Sarah’s hit song, “In The Arms Of The Angel”. This duet is turning this performance into an instant classic!

Though most of you have probably heard this song, you may have no idea how incredibly successful it was in the music charts. This song stayed in Billboard’s Top 100 for an incredible 29 weeks!

In fact, Sarah has sold over 40 million records and in addition to being a talented pianist, she is also an excellent guitarist. Talk about talent!

Sarah’s enchanting harmonies blended beautifully with the vocal stylings of Pink (aka Alecia Moore), who is more known for her intricate live acrobatic spectacles during her concerts as well as her strong and powerful voice.

We can’t recommend enough how much you will appreciate this video!