Proof of Evolution That You Can Find on Your Own Body

It might sound a little offensive, but your body is a museum, full of ancient relics that no one really needs anymore. From your wisdom teeth to that weird way some of us can wiggle our ears, so much of how we ended up as humans reflects what our animal ancestors needed for survival. As this video by Vox explains, these strange remnants, that stuck around only because they’re not ‘costly’ enough to have disappeared across many millennia, only make sense within the framework of evolution by natural selection.

1.’Tendon Of The Hour’

The tendon we are talking about is called the ‘ palmaris longus.’ It’s located in our forearm and if you wanna find out if its there, here’s how to find out.

Keep your palm up, bend your wrist and join your pinky and thumb! If its there you will see it at the base of your wrist.


Recently, it has come to the notice of researchers that a particular tendon in our hand that helped us swing from tree to tree(you know back then) is becoming obsolete in some.

Which makes it pretty clear that this ‘evolution game’ is far from over.

About 10-15% of the people do not have this tendon at all.

3.So many more!

There’s actually a whole list of items that we don’t need in our body. Which means that we are not going to or seldom use them, which according to the law of evolution will be eliminated one by one in the coming generation.

Things like the remnants of the third eyelid to the wisdom teeth in our mouth, there’s actually a lot of things we don’t need today.

And there’s this one important feature that will let you know if you are evolving right now!