A PREGNANT mum carried her dead son for more than three months so his twin brother could live after being given the devastating news her boys had a rare condition.

Emma Dutton was told her unborn sons had a life-threatening disease shortly into her pregnancy and at 20-weeks doctors discovered that one had died in her womb.

Approximately around the second trimester, Emma Dutton was notified that one of her twins had died in the womb.

In order to keep the other child safe, she had to carry the dead baby to the full term. During the early portion of her pregnancy, she was notified that the twins suffered from something called twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

This meant that one twin would receive more blood flow from the placenta than the other twin. In many cases, this is considered to be a fatal condition.

Even after undergoing surgery and surviving the operation, the follow-up scan revealed that one of the twins did not make it.

In an interview, Emma said: ‘my little boy lay on the screen not moving, no little wriggles, no little bubbles, and no heartbeat. That image will never leave my memory.’