Police Arrested A Florida Man For Climbing On Top Of A Playground Structure And Lecturing Kids On Where Babies Come From

In May 2018, Florida man Otis Dwayne Ryan made a very pubic scene in Clearwater, Florida that resulted in his arrest. Ryan was hanging out near a park and randomly approaching tourists to make inappropriate comments to women. While a police officer stood by watching, Ryan then walked into a busy playground and climbed on top of one of the children’s toys. He went on a vulgar rant explaining how babies are born while surrounded by young children. As parents began rushing to the playground to remove their kids, police arrested Ryan. As punishment for his actions, Ryan was forced to pay a $118 fine and ordered to stay away from the park in the future. Ryan apparently has a reputation in Clearwater for causing trouble. Over the years, he has racked up multiple disorderly conduct and battery charges and severed time in jail.