Old Man Gets Pooped In His Pants In The Store, The Woman’s Reaction Is Perfect

Watching the news these days can be draining. It’s hard to keep faith in humanity when all you see is constant hardship, crime, and violence towards one another. It’s important to remember that there is still plenty of good out there in the world.

A woman named Lisa Lemming Jackson from Georgia recently shared a story on social media that will completely restore your faith in humanity. She is the perfect example of a Good Samaritan and you’re going to completely agree when you hear her story.

If there’s anything that we need more of in the world, it’s compassion, patience, and love — Lisa embodies all of those wonderful traits. It all started when she was shopping at Kroger grocery story and noticed an elderly man with a helpless look in his eyes.

What unfolds next is a testament to the strength and bond humans continue to share with one another, despite all the conflict we see in our world. Moments of compassion such as the one that transpired between Lisa, the man in need of help, and then the store staff, is, to me, simplest proof that “humanity still does care about one another.”

Read on, and you’ll understand why.

It all began one day in early August, as Lisa Lemming Jackson was out shopping at her local supermarket in Georgia, USA.

As she roamed between aisles, she suddenly made eye contact with an elderly man, with a pained look in his eyes. He certainly looked like he could use some help.

As she looked longer, she realized that something wasn’t right.

And her hunch was right – read Lisa’s own words about the event below:

“Just spent 2 hrs with a elderly man at Kroger. It started with me just smiling at him, making eye contact ….

As I walked past him he looked like he needed something. I went back and asked him if I could help him. Tears welled up in his eyes and he said:

I have colon cancer and I have had a really bad accident, if I get up out of this cart everyone will know … What should I do?”

The look of his dignity lost left me with a lump in my throat.

From that moment on, Kroger staff quickly fetched us wipes, undergarments and discreetly took him to their employer bathroom Area where he was given clothes.”

“He cried and apologized.

He said he had to hurry his wife was at home alone. When we walked to the register we found his groceries all bagged and somehow paid for.

He cried harder.”

“He said he fought in Vietnam and Korean War and loved his country, but up until day he said he thought his country forgot about him.

We both cried and I shared with him my own struggles and fears… He gave me words of wisdom and encouraged me that maybe after all, humanity still does care about one another.

Today proved it.

Thank you Elmer , thank you Kroger and thank you God for the lesson and reminder I received today.”

I think that this woman is an excellent example of how small actions can make a huge difference.