New Internet Trend Sending Kids to the ER

The latest alarming trend is something cropping up on kid’s arms and legs by way of an aerosol deodorant can. After Sara Stanley noticed her daughter Kaitlyn’s arms were covered in tiny red burn marks, she wanted to know how they got there.

Despite the fact that Kaitlyn, 12,  thinks her marks look “really cool,” it’s a growing symptom that parents need to be aware of to keep their children out of harm’s way. Known as the “deodorant challenge,” kids hold an aerosol deodorant can close enough to their skin for as long as they can to burn it.

When asked if she knew that she was damaging her skin, Kaitlyn said she didn’t realize it. She also said she’s not sure how she feels about the permanent scarring that’s on her forearm.

Sara said she’s going public with her daughter’s experience to help warn other parents of the craze that’s sending kids to the ER for the deodorant burns. Hopefully better awareness can prevent more children from the harmful effects of this scary trend.

Sara Stanley’s Daughter Kaitlyn Scarred Her Arms For Life

She took part in something called the “deodorant challenge.”

Kaitlyn Didn’t Realize How Much Harm She Was Doing To Her Arms

She thought she was being cool like her friends.