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Mother Was Afraid When Her Child Shook In Ache. Then She Noticed The Lethal Creature Crawling On His Physique

It was every mother’s worst nightmare. All Kelsie Lewis could do was look on in horror as her little baby convulsed in pain. She had no idea what was causing it – until she discovered a deadly insect crawling on his body.

Lewis and her family live in Buckeye, Arizona. And in May 2017, they were no doubt getting ready to enjoy their first full summer with 10-month-old Jericho. Unfortunately, that’s when catastrophe struck.

It had been just an ordinary day when little Jericho began acting out of character. He was crying uncontrollably and writhing around in his crib. And yet there was no obvious sign at all as to what was causing the baby’s distress.

Lewis’ mom tried desperately to discover what was wrong, inspecting her grandson closely. And that’s when she saw it. There, on the little one’s arm, was a scorpion. Understandably, the grandmother grew extremely concerned.

The worried grandmom made the wise decision to ring for an ambulance. In the meantime, however, Jericho’s state began to spiral. And it must have been terrifying to watch: his little body was convulsing and his eyes and tongue were flitting around in his head.

Furthermore, Jericho’s tiny little cheeks had started burning bright red. His breathing grew more labored and soon he was throwing up, too. It was a hugely distressing experience for the baby’s family.