Oh. My. God.

1.The Video

So, Stephanie’s husband decides to make a video showing what happens while she’s away. And people everywhere are falling in love with this video. It captures the kind of relationship a dad and son share so beautifully, you can’t help but fall in love! Watch and see for yourself!

2.Home With Dada

Stephanie and her family moved to Kansas recently. And Stephanie’s husband happened to spend more and more time at home with their son since he worked for himself and could choose his timings. Stephanie often wondered what happened between the father-son duo while she was away. But she was that sort of person who had to see it for herself to believe.


We live in a world that was predominantly made up of patriarchal families. Which meant more ‘mom’ being ‘there’ for us and less ‘dad.’ But there were exceptions where the dad was the go-to-guy.

But all that is changing today. There are no more definite roles to be filled. Moms work and dads take care of the kids.

But poor working moms being the worrisome queens they are, are worried and curious about what is happening back home while she is away at work. Like Stephanie here!