Mom’s Story Goes Viral After Fidget Spinner Lands Her Daughter In The Hospital

A piece of the fidget spinner got stuck in her daughter’s esophagus

If you have a kid over the age of five, chances are good that you also have a fidget spinner or six in your house. The popular toys have taken over with the grade school set in recent months, but aren’t without their risks, as this story of a child swallowing one of the pieces and ending up in surgery proves.


Fidget spinners are driving many adults crazy, but one Texas woman is warning about her daughter’s dangerous experience.

Although some experts doubt whether fidget spinners — a toy designed in the ’90s and marketed as a way to reduce anxiety and help people focus – are medically useful, they were widely considered benign until one Texas mother’s PSA on choking risks recently went viral, with more than 700,000 shares in less than a week

Kelly explains how an otherwise normal day turned into a “pretty eventful Saturday” for the mother-daughter duo on the way home from a swim meet.

The mother is sharing her experience in hopes it will serve as a warning to other parents about the choking hazards of the latest toy craze. A fidget spinner has a stable middle and a disc with two or three paddles that can be spun, much like a ceiling fan, to relax the user.

Kelly Rose Joniec of Houston wrote in a Facebook post that she was on her way home Saturday afternoon when she heard Britton, her 10-year-old daughter, choking in the back seat. She pulled over and discovered that her daughter had swallowed one of the bearings from her fidget spinner. After trying to dislodge the small piece of metal with the Heimlich maneuver, Joniec took Britton to the nearest urgent care center.

“She pointed to her throat saying she’d swallowed something, so I attempted Heimlich but there was no resistance. She said she’d put part of her fidget spinner in her mouth to clean it and somehow swallowed it,” Kelly says.