Mom Who Almost Starved Her Child To Death Wants Everyone To Hear Her Story

Becoming a parent is an incredibly difficult task. In front of you lies a human who cannot fend for themselves, who cannot eat or move without your help, and are completely reliant on you to survive. It’s a big task, and not something that comes naturally to everyone straightaway.

There are myriad complications after the birth of your child too. Seeing as a newborn baby cannot speak, there may be something wrong with no possible way for them to communicate the problem. For a woman who has chosen to be known only as Mandy, her son couldn’t communicate the fact that he was starving, even though she was breastfeeding him constantly.

1.Fed is Best

The Fed Is Best Foundation is committed to helping mothers make the safest feeding choice for their babies.

They want to “prevent complications to babies that have become too common in today’s ‘Breast is Best’ world. Our motto above all else is Fed is Best.”

Help share the message to help another mommy who might be going through the same thing!


“By his two-month appointment, he had more than doubled his weight and at 6 months he is back to being a happy, observant, content baby and so far meeting his milestones right on schedule.” – Mandy

3.The Fight Within Herself

This message above is what she wants every expectant mother out there to know. She wants them to know it’s okay not to breastfeed your baby when it’s for the best of the baby.

Mandy says that what lead her to this internal struggle was whenever she tried to breastfeed her son, he would be full of “restlessness which turned into full on screaming”.

Look at how Mandy’s son looks like now!

4.Hungry? No. Starving? Yes!

The lactation consultant weighed the baby before and after feeding. The end result revealed that Mandy’s son had eaten only 20 ml in the 20-hour long feeding.


At his 1 month appointment, Mandy’s son had gained only half of an ounce and weighed only 6 pounds 5.5 ounces. It was then, the doctor suggested Mandy see a lactation consultant.