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Mom Warns Of Indoor Heatstroke After 2-Year-Old Was “Minutes From Death”

If you live in the city of Edmonton, then you already know about the unique summer weather that exists there. Temperatures will typically remain below 80 degrees Fahrenheit and when an unexpected heat wave rolled into town one day, Jennifer Abma elected to keep her little ones inside as a result. Little Anastasia and Ariel were kept indoors and they were able to play without risking heat stroke.

While this story might not seem noteworthy, what happened next will surprise you. When Anastasia went to take a nap, the little girl became unresponsive and her body was also red and swollen. The paramedics were called and it took them almost twenty minutes to wake the child up. If not for her mother’s fast thinking, she may have experienced damages that were permanent in nature.

You might be wondering why the child experienced such an ordeal, especially if her mother wisely kept her inside during the heat wave. The answer happens to be a rather simple one. Jennifer’s house did not have air conditioning and since it is unnecessary in this region of Canada, she was not properly prepared for the consequences of an unexpected spike in the local temperatures.

Our heart goes out to Jennifer, as she did not see this coming and was forced to endure one of the most trying experiences that a mother can go through as a result. The bedroom where Anastasia was sleeping had reached a whopping 120 degrees and her temperature skyrocketed to an alarming 104 degrees. Jennifer has used this experience as a teaching tool and is warning other parents about these dangers.

Extreme heat might not be common in your area, but that does not mean that you should ignore obvious warning signs. A child’s room can heat up in a matter of minutes and it is important for parents to be as vigilant as possible when it comes to matters such as these. While it is not all Jennifer’s fault that this happened, she is blaming herself and acting accordingly going forward.

Luckily for other parents, Jennifer is taking the time to inform others. She suffered through a very frightening ordeal, so that other mothers would not have to. This is a story that needs to be shared far and wide. Parents everywhere must pay closer attention to the temperature of their little ones’ rooms, so that they can avoid issues such as these in the future.