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Mom Slits Wrists, Cops Horrified To See What She Did To Her Kids First

A mother’s love for her children is supposed to be unconditional, but that can’t be said for Nicole R. Auman of Canton, Ohio. She is behind bars after what appears to be a failed suicide attempt, but it was what she did to her children before cutting her own wrists that left officers horrified when they saw it.

A Canton woman faces murder charges after calling 911 to report she’d cut her children’s throats before cutting her own wrists Tuesday.

According to Canton police, Nicole R. Auman, 31, called 911 at around 9 p.m.


She’s heard in the 911 call saying: “I cut my children’s throats, and then cut my wrists, please help my children.”

When officers arrived to her Miami Court N.E. home, Auman did have cuts to her wrists. Her two female children, ages 10 and 7, had non life-threatening cuts on their necks.