Mom Sees Blisters On Baby’s Feet, Furious To Learn Babysitter’s Sick Secret

Police have arrested a babysitter in Maryland who has been accused of heartlessly putting an infant’s feet inside a burning frying pan.

According to WSVN, 36-year-old Ismelda Ramos Mendoza of Bladensburg was taken into custody on Monday on child abuse charges. Authorities say Mendoza did the unthinkable when the infant she was babysitting wouldn’t stop crying.


Investigators say the baby, a 6-month-old little girl, kept crying while Mendoza was trying to make tortillas in a pan. Frustrated with the infant’s behavior, Mendoza reportedly lashed out, grabbed the crying baby, and stuck her feet inside the burning pan.

According to the Associated Press, when the baby’s mother asked Mendoza about the painful-looking burn marks on her baby’s feet, she actually pretended that she didn’t know what had happened.