Just because we’re acknowledging that Lluvia Carillo is absolutely stunning, doesn’t take away from the fact that we still love Yanet Garcia. She will always be our first weather girl love. It just so happens that these two beauties share the same nationality and profession, so why not share the wealth?

We live in a world of acceptance to all and that “all” refers especially to smoking hot women telling us when it’s crucial to pack an umbrella or sunscreen for the day. I’m really not being sarcastic when I say that reporting the weather is an important frickin’ job. I’m not sure what it’s like in Mexico, but the weather reporting that gets done in the TriState area of The United States is never accurate and it drives me nuts! Yeah, yeah, I could just go outside and check but it’s the principle, ya know?

Even though Carillo celebrated her twenty-third birthday just last week, she’s been making serious waves for awhile now with both her modeling career and reporting for Mexico’s Televisa. She’s also engaged to famous Mexican footballer, Javier Aquino. Sorry fellas, you can enjoy looking at her all you want, but you don’t stand a chance. Ah, *such is life.

Can we also just take a minute to recognize how adorable it is that her name means “rain” in English? Alright, just had to tell you guys. Scroll away!

As well as knowing how to rock the green screen during weather forecasts, she also knows how to strike a fierce pose when she’s not working.

She has several shots modeling different bathing suits, outfits, as well as more extravagant makeup looks.

She reports in Spanish so unless you speak the language you probably won’t understand much of what she’s saying, but even if so you can see and hear her personality shining through when she’s on the job.

Whoever gets to wake up to this gorgeous girl giving the weather is lucky. For everyone else, her Instagram is stock with photos like this one.

In each of her her photos, she credits who has done her makeup and who did the photography as well as including inspirational quotes. In this one, she quotes Oprah and she captioned it ‘The world looks different from the ground.’

Here she shows support for her soccer star boyfriend Javier Aquino. That’s right folks, Lluvia is happily taken so all of you who were thinking about sliding into her DMs can think again. She wrote ‘Supporting the best #javieraquino7 I love you.’