Little Girl Tells Cop Dad To Mind His Own Business, Then She And Her Brother Take Off In Toy Car

Children’s imaginations are extensive to say the least. Place them on a couch and all of a sudden they are hopping from pillow to cushion to avoid pools of lava. Toss them a teddy bear or an action figure and immediately they are emerged in an ancient Roman battle or a sweet, friendly tea party. It’s pretty common to see kids playing kitchen with their siblings, or sports with each other, but what kind of imaginary games can they play when their dad is a uniformed police officer?

It helps to have cuteness on your side when getting pulled over by the police. And if the cop making the stop happens to be your father and you are driving a Power Wheels in your driveway, well, the chase is simply hilarious.

These two renegades offer Oscar-worthy performances in the clip below.