Guillermina ‘s husband Fernando was extremely supportive of her during the entire pregnancy. He stood by her side all the time, through everything. For which Guillermina was more than grateful.

Did all the babies survive? Was the birth ok? To know more, watch the video!


Usually, with quintuplets, the gestation period is much shorter than the average pregnancy which is 39 weeks. Quintuplets are usually born after just 29 weeks. Which becomes a huge hindrance to the babies’ development.Luckily, Guillermina was able to carry on her pregnancy longer than the said period which gave enough time for the babies’ internal organs to develop.

3.5 Babies!

That’s right, Guillermina found out that inside her womb 5 lives were growing. The doctors there were shocked too but not as much. They said that are less than 10 quintuplets delivered in the United States every year. But never the less a surprise, Guillermina and her husband were not prepared for.

Not to mention the amount of risks and complications such a pregnancy would entail. Read on to know more!