Do you feel like your office is a dull, boring place that’s lacking positivity and creative energy? Dailyjoys found 20 awesome gadgets that would add extra joy and convenience to your life and make your workday go by a lot faster.

Do you ever wish you had a mug that could keep your coffee hot for hours, or a comfortable place to rest your feet while you sit at a desk? Well, then you’ll definitely want to own all of these fantastic items below.

1.Pooleaf Pen

Add a touch of greenery and never run out of pens!

2.Cat USB

It’s PURRR-fect!

3.Portable document and photo scanner

Everyone needs one of these.

4.Desk Organizer

Who wouldn’t want one?

5.Whiteboard Wall Clock

It can’t get more groovier than this!

6.Hand Warmers

For those cold days at work.