Hundreds of Strangers Join Man Taking Beloved Dog for One Last Walk On His Favorite Beach

Pets are part of our families. They are our non-humans friends. Our pets and children receive similar treatment.

A sick pet affects the entire family. It is during this time that people come together.

Mark is the owner of a greyhound named Walnut. One day, Mark to his dog to the beach for a walk. Nobody present at the beach anticipated Mark’s next move. The fellow dog workers showed Mark and his dog great support as Walnut made his last stroll.

Walnut did not have the best of health. His owner, Mark, decided to do something special for the dog. Mark requested his friends to join him as Walnut took his final walk.

Friends of Walnut come out in large numbers.

Mark’s post on Facebook was shared so many times. Mark did not expect such a response, even from strangers. People from across the country joined Mark and his dog in the walk.