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Here Are Sneaky ATM Scams Used To Steal Your Money…

Like the “Lebanese loops”, thieves can rig the machine to eat your card and get it stuck making you put in your PIN over and over again. If they stand close enough, they can watch you put in your pin and then offer to watch the machine as you go for help. When you leave, the have ample time to steal your card and flee the scene.


So, next time you need to take money out, check everything. Look at the card reader and look for any hidden cameras. Is the keypad intact? Is there someone standing way too close to you?


There are many ways that criminals can steal your info. It’s up to you to protect yourself and know what to look out for. When in doubt, go into the bank and use the ATM inside and stay away from stand alone ATMs.


Make sure to always keep an eye on your bank accounts. If you see anything suspicious, notify the bank as soon as possible. Always check your statements online, so if there is any fraudulent activity you can catch it as soon as possible.