Crooks are getting more creative by the day, with card skimmers, cash traps, and system hacks becoming increasingly sophisticated.

IF you thought covering your pin was a good enough precaution to take when drawing money at a cash machine, think again.

Crooks are using increasingly sophisticated methods to con you out of your hard-earned dosh at ATMs.

1. Protecting Yourself From An ATM Scam

ATM skimmers allow criminals to steal your information from the ATM. Skimmers can copy your debit card and can also capture your PIN number. Here are some possible scams as well as some tips on how to spot them to save yourself from being scammed.


2. A Fake Card Reader

Some scammers use a fake card reader over the actual ATM card slot. When you swipe your card, you may not notice anything different, but this fake card reader just copied all of your information. Next time before you swipe, inspect the card reader and make sure it isn’t fake.


3. A Hidden Camera

If there is a fake card reader, another step to the scam is to place a small camera somewhere so they can steal your PIN.  The camera is pointed to record you putting in your PIN number. This way the criminals will have your scanned information as well as your PIN.


So, next time you withdraw money, check for cameras. Look above the screen or keypad. Check in a brochure holder or somewhere else near the keypad. When in doubt, use your hand to block your PIN when you type it in.


If the attackers use this technology, then they can make a fake ATM card with your magnetic strip data. They can use your card at any ATM because they also have your PIN and can drain money from your account with ease. When in doubt, jiggle the card slot and see if it feels fake.


Another type of skimmer is internal. It is much smaller and can inserted into the card slot instead of over it. And instead of a camera pointed to look at the keypad, criminals can put a fake keyboard over the real keypad. When you press the buttons, the fake keypad can log your PIN.