Kids today just don’t know how good things were back in the 80’s or 90’s, specifically the toys and fast food places. Sure, they have their iPods and iPhones now, but nothing compares to the cool things that existed back in those days.

In regards to fast food specifically, pre-2000s McDonald’s was probably the best McDonald’s around. Today, McDonald’s is just something that a lot of us stop by for a quick bite. But back in the day, it was on another level.

If you are having trouble remembering or weren’t around during that time, we have 16 photos of McDonald’s from the 80’s and 90’s that will give you some serious flashbacks. It’ll make you miss those days a lot too.

1. This might look a little strange if you were born in the 2000’s, but having the chance to sit in burger jail was pretty epic back in the day.

2. The happy meal toys were out of this world. For example, these are mini McDonald’s foods that transformed into something cool.

3. Some of these transforming meals were even awesome dinosaurs. They clearly don’t put that much effort into their toys anymore.

4. Today, McDonald’s has some pretty boring looking chairs. But back in the day, the seats were actually mini burgers. So on brand.

5. Some of their toys had a purpose. Like handing out Halloween buckets for kids to use when they went out trick-or-treating. They looked pretty legitimate as well.

6. Kids don’t play with hand puppets as much as they use to back in the day. These dinosaur hand puppets were pretty popular back in the day. You’d want to collect them all!